Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC.
Training Session/Consult
Vanguard Economics Strategies, LLC will come directly into your companies new hire training class and teach a 5 hour course on debt collections best practices or consult your current Training Team by watching and analyzing their practices.  We know you want to collect the most amount of money in the least amount of time effectively and within the law of the industry!  Give us a call we'll help you!
Personal Finance Consultation
We can assist you to raise your level of living using some of the great finance practices used today.  Live free and be HAPPY!​
One of our major goals is to push people to want to do better in everything they do. Whether it is personally or vocationally we want to help!  We know when people are happy at home or personally they can't help but to perform for themselves and for your business.  Let us help you get your team on track.  People WANT to do and be GREAT!

If you are SURELY ready and you have filled out the Free needs assessment, click on the link to make your purchase and to be contacted within 24 hours of submission.