Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC.
About Us
Damon D. Ellington, CEO of Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC has 16 years of Accounts Receivable Management skills and expertise with12 years of the actual facilitation of AR where he gained the honor of Master Trainer

Within the organization of Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC, Damon will be responsible for needs assessment, research, and give development consultation of standardized training models to be deployed across accounts receivables/debt collection centers within Nebraska and the world.  Damon will assist with some adult learning principals and highly effective written and interpersonal communication and credit skills.  This will provide the unique opportunity for your Agents or AR Recovery Specialist to collect the most amount of money in the least amount of time.


At Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC we believe, "Patience and Perserverance Provides the Promise for Provision"    ~Damon E., Owner/CEO