Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC.
About Us
Damon D. Ellington, CEO of Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC has 15 years of Accounts Receivable Management skills and expertise with12 years actually Training it where he gained the honor of Master Trainer.  A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Damon moved to Bellevue, Nebraska in 2002.  He married the beautiful Chiffon M. Ellington. They currently have 6 children and 1 granddaughter

He joined in Omaha, Nebraska a company by the name Omnium Worldwide Inc, where he started as a Recovery Specialist collecting for major financial institutions within the Accounts Receivable Management industry.  He became a Learning Facilitator where he Trained Recovery SpecialistDamon is a Master Trainer and has a Certificate of Completion of Advanced Presentation Skills through ASTD/Bellevue University.  He completed the Pre-Supervisory Skills program through ConAgra Beef Company in 2000.

Within the organization of Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC, Damon will be responsible for needs assessment, research, and give development consultation of standardized training models to be deployed across accounts receivables/debt collection centers within Nebraska and the world.  Damon will assist with some adult learning principals and highly effective written and interpersonal communication and credit skills.  This will provide the unique opportunity to recommend "strategies" and implement ideas for "immediate impact".

Chiffon M. Ellington, COO of Vanguard Economics Strategies, LLC has been in the Healthcare, Insurance, and Training Industry for over 12 years.  Born in Council Bluffs Iowa and raised in Bellevue, Nebraska she has the big city and small town feel for excellence.

Chiffon is from a family of 9 siblings and 2 parents that are entrepreneurs themselves.  Chiffon was the Accountant and Executive Assistant to her fathers family business from 1997 to 2001, Brother's Cleaning and janitorial Company which at that time operated contracts at over $7 Million Dollars.  

Chiffon an educated and determined individual joined a Corporation in Omaha, Nebraska and for 6 years through pure determination, moved into the Training and Development department and gained her Training and Facilitation skills and pushed Damon to go down that path.  She came on board to assist VES, LLC to push a Dream and Legacy Damon has had for years and nothing pleases her more than to support the family vision using her God -given gifts and talents.

At Vanguard Economic Strategies, LLC we believe, "Patience and Perserverance Provides the Promise for Provision"    ~Damon E., Owner/CEO